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Everyday, Someday, and ‘Doomsday’ Situations by | Apr 11, 2017 | Preparedness | 0 Comments Here at Situation Handled, we like to categorize our training not only into three areas of focus (Protection, Preparation, and Perception), but also into three levels of severity: Everyday Situations, Someday Situation, and so-called ‘Doomsday’ Situations. People tend...

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A Sliding Scale Of Responses

by | Mar 13, 2017 | Self-Protection | 0 Comments

We like options, here at Situation Handled. In our Self-Protection courses we start with a few techniques that we believe are important to learn. For those who want to explore deeper and practice our martial art, there are a set of techniques required for each belt...

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Paying Attention To Paying Attention

There are a LOT of ways for us to get distracted in this day and age. In fact, according to some studies, we humans now officially have less of an attention span than goldfish! (Read more about that here) Smartphones (one of the biggest distractions of the modern age)...

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How To Be Your Own Bodyguard

We recently kicked off a series of workshops on how to "be your own bodyguard" at Antioch College, to help students stay safe during their internships. While this series was focused on college students, the theme applies to everyone. In an unfamiliar place You move to...

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