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About Situation Handled

I feel safer and more confident [ ..] I’m also more aware of my surroundings and where I am in the moment.  Especially in this day and age where violence can come out of the most unexpected places in the most unexpected ways, I’m able to have more stability and confidence to deal with what comes my way.

Jasmine Lindquist

College Student

About Our Instructors

After trying multiple self-defense instructors, we found that many were unfamiliar with a higher education context and how to deliver content in a safe, developmentally appropriate way. Johanna was a breath of fresh air. She was committed to the ultimate safety of our students, and approached the conversation from a holistic perspective. Students really appreciate learning from her. […]

I recommend Johanna as a self-defense instructor. She is committed to doing no harm while delivering trauma-informed content. Students loved working with her, and we are excited to continue our partnership with her.

Kristen Keen

Sexual Violence Prevention Education, University of Dayton

About To-Shin Do

To-Shin Do has been a major confidence booster for me. Not only are we learning how to defend ourselves, but we are learning that we are worth protecting. […] I have a higher sense of safety when [traveling], … I am always in a new place with new people, having To-Shin Do in my pocket helps me feel more confident and capable moving in new surroundings, knowing that I can take care of myself if need be.

Emaline Pozzanghera

College Student

Studying To-Shin Do has meant simultaneously becoming stronger (physically, mentally, emotionally) and becoming more responsible with the strength I am fostering. It has meant learning to be a protector of myself and of others: absolutely invaluable lessons I would never give up.

Sylvia Newman

College Student

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