Wilderness Survival Training

Connecting To The World Through Wilderness Training

Adventure. Awareness. Appreciation.

There are some skills everyone should have. Reading a map. Navigating by compass. Starting a fire without matches. These may not often be necessary in today’s modern life, but a day when you need one of these skills, you really need that skill! And beyond the survival importance of these skills, learning to live closer to nature teaches a connection to and appreciation of the world around us. That connection and appreciation makes modern, everyday life richer and more fulfilled. Plus you have skills that could just save you life!

Our Training

We explore both primitive skills and modern technology in a variety of courses and exercises. Shelter building, fire starting, navigation, tracking, hunting, plant identification, and so many more concepts are taught.

Each lesson teaches not only survival skills, but continues to tie back in to our overall message and leading more empowered and confident lives. You learn adaptive strategic principles, how to plan and be prepared for any situation, and the leadership, mindset and spirit to survive and thrive no matter what life throws at you.

Check out some of the skills we teach


Fire Making

Shelter Building



Evasion Skills

Rope and Tool Making

So many more!

Our Wilderness Survival Course List

Take a look at our full list of Wilderness courses. Check out our upcoming events list to see when your favorite course is happening, or host one for your friends, business or organization.

Wilderness Courses